The Fun Zone

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Fun Weather Boy
Note: Henry isn't very smart! Help Henry choose
the right clothes for each season. You may also
want to help his sister below.

Fun Weather Girl
Note: Lisa isn't very smart! Help Lisa choose
the right clothes for each season. You may also
want to help her brother above.

Fun Click-n-Drag Kingdom
Note: Design your own kingdom! Play alone or with
a friend! It's the forces of good against evil! You
alone control the outcome!

Fun Computer Skill Tests
Note: The computer skill tests allow a person
to take different levels of tests to see how they
rank! You receive medals for each test you pass!

Fun Musical Keyboard
Note: A small playable Shockwave keyboard
that will record and playback your songs. It's
pretty neat for its size. Give it a try!

Fun Adopt -a- Dino
Note: Want to adopt a dino? Here they are!
We have several dinos to choose from plus some
pretty cool dino links! Check it out!

Fun New Music Room
Note: Relax and listen to some new sounds. There are
a lot of popular songs and requests! The new music
machine is even cooler than the old one!

Fun Land of Lyre: Quest II
Note: My second release of a Zelda type adventure game.
Search the Kingdom of Lyre for the Titan's Sword.
Each screen has a hidden treasure item to find.
The game has 42 screens, music, and 4 characters
to choose from!

Fun Arcade
Note: Some really cool games in here! You may
be surprised at just how cool some of these are!
Select the game you want to play then go at it!

Fun Adventure in the Land of Lyre
Note: A game similar to Zelda where you search for
hidden treasures. The highest possible score is 75. There
is a big and small item to find on each screen. Hope you
can find them all!

Fun Music Room
Note: Relax and listen to the juke box. There are
plenty of cool alternative songs along with some others!
Just select the group or song you want to hear then
sit back and enjoy.

Fun Concentration
Note: Try to match two cards which are alike.
See if you can get a Top 10 High Score!

Fun Maze Craze
Note: Help the girl find her little dog.
A pretty cool JavaScript game I made.

Fun Peg Jump Solitaire
Note: A peg jumping game where you try to leave
only one peg. There are 7 different variations.

Fun Optical Wonders
Note: Interesting optical images. All include
a printable image for you to save.

Fun Virtual Reality World
Note: You may need a VRML Plug-in for virtual reality.
Download: Cortona VRML Plug-in (1.2MB)
Other: Once in the V.R. world you may wish to right
click on the screen and select "speed" then "fastest"
to speed things up. It may also be necessary to select
the manual download of the plug-in.

Fun Coloring Page
Note: This is a cool coloring tool! Click on a color to select
it and start coloring. You can hold down on the mouse
button to move around without coloring. You can choose to
draw, paint, fill, or erase your picture.

Fun Hang Person
Note: Hang Person is a game like the old Hang Man game.

Fun Computer Crossword
Note: A cool crossword puzzle about computer stuff.

Fun Computer Parts Puzzle
Note: A puzzle where you can become familiar with some
of the components of a computer while having fun. Be sure
and checkout the larger image which explains what each
part is.

Fun Computer Tile Shuffle Game
Note: A game where you try to complete the picture by
moving the tiles one at a time to get them back in order.
A larger picture of what's inside a computer is also linked
to the game page. (The larger picture is 206k).

Fun NetMail Email
Note: Use the Kids-Online NetMail to email your friends
even if you do not have your own email address! Simply
leave your email address blank if you want. Fill in only
the areas you wish. You must include a friend's email
address though or else your email will not be sent.

More To Come!!